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Celebrates Your Curves

It's wonderful to have curves, but sometimes our curves need a little refinement, whether it's smoothing, shaping or just making sure you look your very best in a much-loved outfit. That's where shapewear comes in. The right shapers will make sure your curves look fantastic.

Here's what some customers say about loving our shapers:

Customer review for Maidenform Curvy Body Shaper
"I love this body shaper. It fits comfortably and helps smooth all over so I have a great curvy shape."
Sdenm, reviewing Maidenform Curvy Body Shaper
"I have been wearing this body shaper for years it is sexy and figure flattering. I love this shaper I have all the colors."
Wagon, reviewing Bali Body Shaper
"Best briefs ever. As a plus size woman, I love the control these offer, not too much, but just enough to be comfortable and still give control."
Vickie1954, reviewing Hanes Shaping Brief 2-Pack
"Really like this product! I looked so much more polished and sleek in my outfit. Definitely a winner if you're looking for something that will help you have a more sleek overall look without squishing the life out of you."
Greenbear, reviewing Maidenform Curvy High Waist Thigh Slimmer
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Debunking the shapewear myths

You'll love your look

Some women have bad memories of the shapers worn by earlier generations. If you feel this way, it's time to give shapewear another try. Today's shapewear is nothing like grandmom's scary girdles.

Space image The myth:

Shapewear is for women who need to lose weight.

The reality:

Today's shapewear customers are mainly petite and missy sized women looking to smooth their curves or wear bodycon fashions. They see shapewear as enhancing their figure and helping them look their fabulous best. You can bet those actresses on the red carpet at Hollywood events are wearing shapers under their amazing gowns.

The myth:

Shapewear is uncomfortable for all-day wear.

The reality:

Today's fabrics are lightweight, soft and comfortable. Choose the light/smooth control level and choose your correct size. You'll find you love wearing our shapers all day for the smooth, soft foundation they give your outfit.

The myth:

Shapewear is unattractive and meant to be hidden.

The reality:

Many shapers are beautiful and sexy and can enhance your lingerie wardrobe.

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So let's pick out some shapers you’ll enjoy wearing.

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Choose how much control you want

Space image Smooth or Light Control

Subtle smoothing for everyday wear that feels similar to your usual panty or camisole.

Shape or Firm Control

Creates a firm foundation for your outfit. More control to shape your curves.

Sculpt or Ultra Firm

Max out the shaping. More for special occasions than all day wear. You will definitely see the difference it makes. If you buy the right size, you'll still get a comfortable fit.

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Choose the right size

Don't guess. Use the size below for most shapers, but defer to the size chart on the individual item when you place your order. (Shapers with built-in bras use bra sizing.)

Don't order a smaller size than the chart recommends. For more sculpting, go up a control level, not down a size.

Plus Size Shapewear Size Chart

Dress Size Size to Order Waist Size Hip Size
16 1X 36" 46"
18 39" 49"
20 2X 40" 50"
22 43" 53"
24 3X 44" 54"
26 47" 57"
28 4X 48" 58"
30 51" 61"
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Selecting the shaper silhouettes you need

No one shaper is right for every outfit. Analyze your wardrobe to determine which silhouettes are right for you.

Almost all shapewear is nylon/spandex. The more spandex, the more stretch. The more nylon, the more control. And almost all of our shapewear comes in beige and black. Choose the color closest to your skin tone. White is also popular. Or choose black to ramp up the sexy factor. A few camis and briefs come in additional colors.

You've got options

Shaper Panties

Shaper panties are a great silhouette to introduce yourself to shapewear. Wear these instead of (not on top of) your regular panties, mainly for tummy shaping. Most are briefs, but a boy short and thong are available in plus sizes. Choose from Bali, Maidenform & Hanes shaping briefs, in sizes up to 10X.

Body Shapers

Most body shapers are made like a tank-style swimsuit, so they’re sometimes called all-in-ones. Some have built in bras and others are open bust, so you can wear your favorite bra. These smooth your entire torso and stay in place very well, just like a swimsuit would. The styles that do the serious shaping usually have power mesh linings.

Most body shapers have adjustable straps as well as hook & eye or snap closure between the legs for convenience. Be sure to look at the back shots. Some body shapers have lower backs for low-back fashions like Glamorise Magic Lift Body Shaper and Bali Body Shaper.

If the shaper includes bra cups, be sure to choose wireless or underwire. We even offer a style with a minimizer bra. Maidenform Open Bust Body Shaper offers convertible straps.

Choose from Maidenform, Glamorise and Bali body shapers.


Camis can also be built-in bra style, open bust or designed to be worn over a bra. Most are made to be seen, so you can wear them as outerwear or layered under a jacket. The cami will smooth your tummy and waist. If you’re going to wear a cami anyway, choose one that also smooths.

Thigh Slimmers

This is a classic shaper style, shaping from the waist to mid-thigh. Thigh slimmers are great under pants and straight skirts.

High Waist Shapewear

For a smooth look through your mid-section, choose a high waist shaper or a waist cincher. You'll find brief styles and thigh slimmer styles. Most extend to just below the bra line.

Waist Clinchers

For a smooth look through your mid-section, choose a high waist shaper or a waist cincher. You'll find brief styles and thigh slimmer styles. Most extend to just below the bra line.

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Special Features

Shapewear technology has improved radically. We've found solutions to a number of concerns women used to have concerning shapewear.

If you think of shapewear as being hot, select a style with the Cool Comfort® fabric treatment.

If you've been annoyed by clingy shapers in the past, choose one with anti-static and your clothes will glide on.

Do you have bad memories of shapers that dig or roll? Try a shaper with SmoothTec for Stay Put satisfaction. SmoothTec keeps waist and hems in place without digging or rolling.

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Consider all three of our famous brands

Maidenform offers Maidenform Curvy, shapewear specifically designed for curvy figures based on fittings with true plus-size women. We also offer one Glamorise body shaper.

You've got curves, so don't be afraid to flaunt them! Give yourself a smooth look and show off your curves. If you haven’t worn recently, give them another try. You'll discover that today's shapers are a joy to wear!

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